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Welcome to Alrafe Pigeon Control UAE

wel_img Our company is one of the leading names in UAE offering the best Bird Control Solutions. Owing to the growing demand of corporations, businesses, homes, boat owners, corporate offices and others for solutions for problems related to birds causing millions of dollars of damage our company decided to provide affordable and effective services. Every year, in addition to all the property damage, there are serious health hazards posed by bird droppings, mite-infested nesting sites and dead birds.

Therefore, We, Pigeon Control UAE, developed an all-encompassing range of modern equipment for rendering our National Bird Control, or National Pest Control Services that are widely sought for bird problems in the industrial, commercial, public and domestic sectors. One can contact our team of experts all year round for our services. Besides catering to patrons in UAE, our services are available for clients in India as well.

Our Services

  • Bird Wire Deterrent Service
  • Bird Control Service
  • Bird Spike Netting Service
  • Bird Jolt Flat Track Service

Pest Birds Problem Species

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    Pigeons are generally gray with slightly iridescent feathers on the neck that shine pink.

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    Starlings are 8 inches in length, and have a wingspan of 8-10 inches. In the summer.

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    House sparrows have a wingspan of 6 inches. They have a body length of 5-6 inches.

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    The American Crow is a black bird averaging around 18 inches long.

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    There are over 2000 species of woodpeckers, ranging from 7 to 15 inches in length.

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    Seagulls are typically medium to large birds, usually gray or white, often with black.